About Us

Inositec AG is a biotech spin-off from ETH Zurich founded in December 2015 to develop innovative new drugs from its proprietary Inositune™ platform of inositol phosphate analogs. Initially, Inositec will focus on two areas of high-unmet medical need: calcification disorders and Clostridium difficile infection (CDI).


Inositune Platform

Our drug discovery platform is based on inositol hexaphosphate, (IP6). By selectively replacing phosphate groups on IP6, we are able to obtain molecules with more favorable drug-like properties…
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Product Pipeline

By modifying the physio-chemical properties of IP6, Inositec is building a pipeline of novel drugs, initially targeting vascular calcification and CDI…
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Inositec has an extensive drug discovery platform based on analogs of inositol. Initially, Inositec will pursue development of its lead compounds through preclinical proof of concept before partnering certain drug candidate and discovery assets…
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